How To Order From Us

Simplicity is the key. Thus we try to keep the system as simple as possible for our customers. Just follow these steps, and we will deliver your vehicle to the port in the minimum time frame.

Best Car Selection

The chief advantage of buying a car from UKAfriTrade is that you will find what you seek. We offer a wide range of vehicles, and the customer can decide according to his needs and budget.

Order Placement

We have made order placement as easy as possible. Choose a vehicle and fill out a form on our website. Our manager will contact you back and provide you with all the details. After your green light, we will confirm your order, and you will be issued an invoice.


Another upside to dealing with us is flexible payment options. The customer can pay according to the invoice issued to him/ her.


After the initial or full payment is received, we ship the vehicle to the directed port. We also send our customers a full shipment schedule that tracks the delivery of your vehicle promptly.


We will send you all the documents for customs clearance at once. These documents include:

  • Export certificate
  • Bill of lading
  • Final invoice
  • Marine insurance (if required)

Vehicle Delivery at port

We deliver the vehicle to the port within the scheduled timing. We suggest you take all the documents to the port for smooth clearance of your shipment.


First thing first, registers on the UKAfriTrade website, no money charged. The customers have to provide all the required information and confirmation via email. Signing up on the website will enable you to use the portal with all of its functions.

Security Deposit

The customers have to pay a security deposit before bidding. In case of unsuccessful bidding, we will return the deposited amount to you. If the bidding is successful, the amount will be adjusted in the vehicle invoice won at auction.


Pick a vehicle from our portal and set a bidding range. Our agent will then bid for the car in the auction and win it for you. We charge nothing if the bid goes unsuccessful.

Auction Result

We will notify you regarding the auction result via UKAfriTrade’s website and email too. We will send you an invoice containing the CIF amount of the vehicle and the payment method.

Make the Payment

We offer flexible payment options. Pay according to the invoice sent to you.

Shipment and Documentation

As soon as we receive the payment, we ship your vehicle to your desired port. We also send the shipment documents through courier. These documents include:

  1. Export certificate
  2. Bill of lading
  3. Final invoice
  4. Marine insurance (If required)
  5. Inspection certificate (if required)

Vehicle Delivered to the Port

The vehicle will be delivered to the port, and we will notify you about the procedure. We suggest you take all the documents needed so the clearance process can go smoothly.

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